Catching up with YvonneInLA

I’ve been so busy over at that I’ve hardly had time to post on YvonneinLA. I’m going to refresh the site a little and start posting here again. In the meantime you can check out some posts I’ve had on, Babble, and MomsLA.

KPCC, Discover the Arts LA, and Ozomatli


While I haven’t been very good about posting on my blog, I have been writing for other places. I wrote on about how outraged I am with the way the Los Angeles Unified School District is handling the abuse charges at Miramonte Elementary School.

That post led to an interview with Adolpho Guzman Lopez on KPCC for the report “Union Responds to Transfer of Entire Miramonte Staff.” I listen to public radio all day long so I was thrilled to talk to him.

Last week, I was able to attend the kick-off event for Discover the Arts LA, which is three months of discounts at museums and theatres throughout Los Angeles. It was in front of the Walt Disney Concert Hall on a beautiful day, and one of my favorite bands, Ozomatli, played a mini-concert. I did a video interview with Bassist Wil-Dog Abers after the show for MomsLA.

Wild Kratts

Wild Kratt’s on PBS Kids is my sons’ new favorite show. They love it and so do I. It became my new favorite show after my 7-year-old started telling me about honey bees in great detail.

I asked him if he learned about them from school or one of the library books he reads every night. He said no. It was from Wild Kratts. And that’s exactly what I want from a kids’ tv show. I want my boys to learn something, but I also want them to be entertained so when I turn it on they don’t ask to watch Batman.
The Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris

I’m new to the Kratt brothers universe and didn’t know about Wild Kratts until my MomsLA colleagues plus Linda Perry of Peachhead and I were invited to meet the Kratt brothers a few weeks ago in Santa Monica. I wasn’t that excited about it because my kids were never into their other PBS Kids Show Zoboomafoo.

Wow, were my instincts wrong. The Kratt’s were charming and really interesting.
One of their missions is to get kids excited about learning. There isn’t much out there for kids ages 6 to 8 so the show is geared toward them. The show goes from live action to animation. It has action heroes and a strong, smart female character. Another thing missing from kids television these days (except for Word Girl of course).
Here’s the video that my MomsLA colleague, Sarah Auerswald, shot of our interview with the Kratts

Disclosure: I wasn’t compensated for this post, but I was given a screener of two Wild Kratts episodes

MomsLA, CBS, Crowdrise, and the LA Marathon

Have you had a chance to check out It is quite fantastic. MomsLA is the site founded by me, Sarah Auerswald, and Elise Crane Derby for the parents of Los Angeles to find out what moms are talking about.

So far, we’ve had posts about medical marijuana, Jamie Oliver and his attempts to get into the Los Angeles Unified School District schools, love and marriage, and Jane Harman leaving office. We have a little bit of everything and I would love it if you would check us out.

Also, I have a post up on CBS Local Los Angeles about romantic restaurants to take your very special someone on your anniversary. If you’re looking for some bargains in Westwood/Century City, I’m writing about local deals for 

All of these things are happening while I train for the LA Marathon and raise money for Help A Mother Out on Crowdrise. Crowdrise is Edward Norton’s fundraising site where anyone can start a project to raise money for a non profit. I chose Help a Mother Out because they do such great work for families. So if you’re interested in helping some local moms who are struggling to get diapers for their babies, check out my Crowdrise site. 


Today I wanted to tell you about a new website called MomsLA. It was founded by Me, Elise of Elise’s Ramblings, and Sarah Auerswald of Mar Vista Mom and it launched this week. We wanted to create a site where people can go and find out what the Mom Bloggers in Los Angeles are saying about their city, their lives, and the issues that are important to them.

We have some fantastic bloggers on board and we can’t wait to hear what they have to say. We’ve already had some interesting posts up on MomsLA including my story today about my visit to the Medical Marijuana clinic.

Check out MomsLA and let us know what you think.