Lawn Ornament

Boys and Snowman

This week’s Wordless Wednesday topic is “Ornamental,” but I went with Lawn Ornament because I love this picture of my boys and their friends so much. It’s especially meaningful because my husband and boys made the snowman by hand. If you want to know how, check out the DIY post I did this week over at Babble called “How to Make a Snowman When You Have No Snow.


Alyssa Milano's "Sex Tape," The Cost of Childcare, and Telling Kids to Suck It Up


I wanted to share a couple of posts that I’ve had on different sites recently.


Catching up with YvonneInLA

I’ve been so busy over at that I’ve hardly had time to post on YvonneinLA. I’m going to refresh the site a little and start posting here again. In the meantime you can check out some posts I’ve had on, Babble, and MomsLA.