Wild Kratts

Wild Kratt’s on PBS Kids is my sons’ new favorite show. They love it and so do I. It became my new favorite show after my 7-year-old started telling me about honey bees in great detail.

I asked him if he learned about them from school or one of the library books he reads every night. He said no. It was from Wild Kratts. And that’s exactly what I want from a kids’ tv show. I want my boys to learn something, but I also want them to be entertained so when I turn it on they don’t ask to watch Batman.
The Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris

I’m new to the Kratt brothers universe and didn’t know about Wild Kratts until my MomsLA colleagues plus Linda Perry of Peachhead and I were invited to meet the Kratt brothers a few weeks ago in Santa Monica. I wasn’t that excited about it because my kids were never into their other PBS Kids Show Zoboomafoo.

Wow, were my instincts wrong. The Kratt’s were charming and really interesting.
One of their missions is to get kids excited about learning. There isn’t much out there for kids ages 6 to 8 so the show is geared toward them. The show goes from live action to animation. It has action heroes and a strong, smart female character. Another thing missing from kids television these days (except for Word Girl of course).
Here’s the video that my MomsLA colleague, Sarah Auerswald, shot of our interview with the Kratts

Disclosure: I wasn’t compensated for this post, but I was given a screener of two Wild Kratts episodes