Wolfgang Puck Teaches My Kids to Make Pizza

I was so lucky this weekend when Elise of Elise’s Ramblings invited me to a restaurant in the valley where we could bring the kids. She mentioned pizza and Wolfgang Puck, but all I heard was a kid-friendly activity that started at noon. I wanted to give the husband a break because he was charged with Sunday childcare duty while I worked the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market.

We arrived a few minutes late and who walks in behind us but Wolfgang Puck with his beautiful wife and adorable children. He was there promoting his all natural frozen pizzas. He greeted the group of about 15 kids who sported Wolfgang Puck chef jackets and went to work making pizza. Mr. Puck got right in there and showed them how to knead and toss the dough. Then he put sauce on all of their pizzas. He was charming and great with the kids. I thought he would pop out, but he stayed while the kids ate their creations and then rewarded the moms with dish after amazing dish that included goulash, Caesar salad, steak, salmon, and vanilla bean cheesecake.

He even took a few minutes to talk to me about gluten-free pizza crust. His company doesn’t make a pizza with a gf crust just yet. There’s not enough demand, he said. If you disagree, I suggest writing him a letter and mention that 1 in 100 people have Celiac Disease and can’t eat his pizza. That sounds like demand to me. He seemed so nice, I’d bet he’d listen.

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