SLS Hotel and Ciel Spa

I’m not a relaxer. I don’t like to get massages. I don’t like yoga unless it’s hot yoga, which is not as relaxing because you’re so hot.

When I told my husband I was invited to the SLS Hotel on Thursday to enjoy spa treatments at Ciel and afternoon tea at Trés, he said one thing to me. “Try to relax.” Which of course made me tense.

Since my boys’ started back at school it’s been a hectic few weeks and work has been very busy. To add to that stress my sister is getting married and she asked me to write something for the wedding. Something great. Something meaningful.

Relax? Forget it, I thought. But then that day, magically, everything came together. I finished my work before I went so there was nothing hanging over my head. There was no traffic and I got there in 10 minutes making me only a little late instead of very late. And when I got there it was so nice.

The group of us were treated to mimosas and fruit salad while we learned about the Lifestyle Suite. I want to live there. There was a TechnoGym in the room, which is a futuristic looking home gym, along with a comfortable bed and giant TV.

Then we took a tour of  José Andrés’ Bazaar and Trés where everyone would be having tea in the afternoon.

The bar at The Bazaar

After that we went to the pool. It was like Alice in Wonderland’s pool with cocktails instead of hallucinogens (see picture above). We had snacks while we waited for our treatments and talked about writing, social media, and food. It was fantastic.

Even more fantastic was the Ciel Spa. It was very, very clean and very white. So white I was afraid I would spill something. Luckily, someone had the forethought to order the white wine sangria so no worries there.

Not only was the sangria fabulous, but so were the spa snacks.

But the very best part of the day was the mini facial by Sebastian. It was only a half hour, but honestly the most relaxing half hour I’ve had in a long time. We talked about Wonder Woman. That’s random I know, but very interesting. I don’t get as much sleep as I should so I often have bags under my eyes. He did something in the facial that made them go away. It was unbelievable.

When time for tea rolled around it turned out I had to leave to get a little work done before I picked up my two kids. But I had been to the Mommy and Me Tea before so missing it was okay.

Relaxing wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I might have to try it more often.

I was not compensated for this post, but I did get an assortment of snacks, a free facial, and a fantastic day. 

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