I'm 40!!! How the Hell Did That Happen?

Well, it happened. I’m 40. I know that everyone says they can’t believe it when they turn 40, but I really can’t believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. I have a wonderful husband, 2 fantastic kids, and a new career that I’m excited about. But I thought that at 40 I would feel differently, more mature maybe. Well, that’s definitely not the case. I spent most of Saturday making jokes revolving around the word “blow” after having my hair done at Blo Blow Dry Bar where their slogan is “Because You Can’t Blow Yourself.”

I don’t feel much differently than I did when I was 15 and hanging yvonne elise and sara yvonne and friendsaround my best friend’s Lara’s house watching Oprah. That same friend came all the way from Tucson to celebrate my 40th birthday with me last weekend. And so did three other of my closest friends. Maybe the reason why I don’t feel mature is because I have friends that make me feel so young. They are fabulous. Smart, incredibly funny, and genuinely good people. I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

And all of my friends really. My new friends in Los Angeles are also fabulous. Maybe one of the better parts of getting older is that you’ve gained the wisdom to pick great friends and stick with only the ones that are good to you.

Another thing about 40 that is shocking to me is how good I feel. I’m training for the LA Marathon and other than the days where we run 18+ miles, I feel pretty good. No, I feel really good. I don’t drink too much, or eat too much, or complain too much.

Basically, what I’m getting at is that 40 is ok. Whether it’s the new 30 or even the new 20, I’m kind of loving it.

yvonne and friend

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