What has happened that me? I asked myself this question the night before Halloween when I was sewing a costume on my 3-year-old son’s baby doll. He (my son) was going to be Diego from Go Diego Go and he wanted his most beloved baby to be Baby Jaguar. So I fashioned a fur suit out of brown felt and used fabric paint to make the belly. I dotted about 50 red spots all over his little outfit. This unprecedented burst of creativity got me to bed after 11:30 with cramped hands and dry eyes.

The next morning, the first thing I did was show off my fabulous costume. I was sure it would get me on Project Runway; my son didn’t agree. “Get it off him. Baby Jaguar doesn’t have red spots. Noooooooo!!!!” He then tried to rip the costume off of baby while simultaneously throwing himself on the ground crying.

Ughhh! I had a job once, a purpose in the world. Now I’m making straightjackets out of felt for my son’s dolls (yes, he has a doll and it’s adorable). That he doesn’t even like!

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