Beautiful people shop in LA

I stopped by the store after spin class last weekend and I think Bed, Bath and Beyond was having a special friends and family of models day. I smelled like I’d slept on the street and, frankly, looked like I normally look, which is not like a model. Everywhere I turned there were beautiful people – men, women, children, young, old, smart, dumb (I’m going to imagine that they were all really dumb) looking like they were walking down Wysteria Lane.

And this is why I hate LA. Even at the Bed, Bath and Beyond on Sunday morning everyone looks amazing. Why amazing? Why not dowdy church clothes? Or sweat pants with an underwear line showing? Okay, there was one couple wearing sweats and baseball caps, but they looked like they walked out of a Gap ad. I’m pretty secure with myself, until faced with the genetically gifted.

My insecurity followed me into the late afternoon when I took my boys to a birthday party. It wasn’t enough that it was at a popular children’s play gym, but it had a Star Wars theme with a special guest appearances by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. My kids’ birthday parties are in our backyard and feature a piñata, some sort of grilled meat and a cake from Costco.

Many people loathe kids birthday parties, but I love them. They always have cake. This particular cake was amazing and did not come from Costco. It was in the shape of a four with marzipan molded and painted to look like a galaxy. It was covered in Star Wars figurines and all of the kids said “oohhh” when it came out.

Needless to say, it was a pretty amazing party when you are 3-and 4-year-old boys like my sons. To be honest, it was also a pretty amazing birthday party when you’re a 37-year-old woman who has seen Star Wars 50 times.

I hope the boys aren’t too disappointed when their birthday rolls around and we’re grilling again. Maybe I’ll tell them it’s grilled bantha.

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