Family Finds: 60% Off Group Classes or Private Sessions at Turning Point Pilates

$30 for 3 Mat Pilates Classes or $50 for 2 Private Pilates Sessions at Turning Point Pilates

Men, women, young, old … EVERYONE can benefit from Pilates.

It improves strength, flexibility, and balance, plus tones and builds long, lean muscles without bulk. Pilates improves posture, strives for uniform muscle development, increases oxygenation of blood, and energizes through robust movement and robust breath. It improves the way your body feels and looks. Perhaps best of all, Pilates makes your body less prone to injury. We like the sound of that!

>For only $50, you can get 2 private 55-minute sessions with top-notch instructors who will help sculpt and strengthen your whole body. It’s like having your own personal Hollywood trainer — for just $25 a session. Or, if you prefer group classes, you can sign up for 3 55-minute Mat Classes for just $30 … that’s just $10 per class!

Owner Robin Solo says that men over 35 are becoming big Pilates converts right now. They’ve had an “aha” moment that they’re not 25 anymore, and they’re inflexible and keep injuring themselves. More and more girlfriends and wives are encouraging their partners to try Pilates and purchasing them sessions. (Father’s Day gift, anyone?). According to Solo, moms, moms-to-be, and even the elderly seek out Pilates to achieve a level of health and fitness that we all strive for, no matter what our age or gender. Movement heals, vitalizes and empowers. Get in peak mental and physical shape at Turning Point Pilates now.

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