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As parents, we’re always looking for ways to spark our kids’ creativity. But so many of the toys we buy them get thrown to the wayside after a few days, and end up in a landfill soon thereafter. It’s a major bummer! The toys from Creative Toyshop — such as Calafant cardboard toys — are different. Mother of two Martina McConnon, owner of Creative Toyshop, says, “I came across the Calafant cardboard toys when I was looking for fun activities to do at our children’s birthday parties. We started out building the Large Fairy Castle and really enjoyed painting, creating wallpaper and decorating. The best part was that we did it as a family and worked as a team. Each of my kids had good ideas and was free to incorporate them into the project. When we were done, they started playing with the castle with the dolls that we already had.” When your child outgrows a cardboard toy, you won’t have a bulky plastic structure sitting in your home that will end up in a landfill somewhere. You can either unfold the pieces and keep them or recycle them with the rest of your paper or cardboard recyclables. Good for the environment … good for you!

Creative Toyshop is a boutique online toy store that offers unique, creative, educational and eco-friendly toys, games, and other children’s items. When the Martina’s two children entered preschool, she found there was a real lack of unique and creative toys. She wanted to offer families fun toys and games that encouraged children to think for themselves, express their creativity, and, at the same time, not harm the environment. She found the perfect fit in Calafant cardboard toys and Young Learners games — both amazing lines that children adore. We also love the School Years keepsake album for recording precious milestones and accomplishments. Both parent and child can fill each expandable pocket — there’s one for every year from kindergarten to 12th grade — with photos, report cards, art projects, and other mementos. Other unique products include Bootscoot balance bikes and Lunchskins eco-friendly lunch bags.

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