Kitsch Holiday

I wanted to share a few of the gifts that I received from some of my favorite people this Christmas. They are gifts that keep on giving. And ones that make me realize my loved ones see me as a tween girl.

Star Wars Heroes and Villains Pancake Molds
Star Wars Cake Decorating Kit Galactic Empire

My sister got me these and I made everyone Star Wars pancakes (even gluten-free for the husband) on Christmas Day. There were several choruses of “No, I want Yoda!”

William Sonoma Star Wars cupcake kit
William Sonoma pancake mold

Wonder Woman Bottle Cap EarringsĀ 

When my friend who has known me since elementary school gave me these earring she said, “I don’t know where you’d wear them, but I thought of you when I saw them.” That’s crazy. Where wouldn’t I wear them?

Wonder Woman earrings