Wikets Rec To Make Camping Comfortable Plus a Contest

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I am from the hot, hot desert of Tucson, Arizona. The cold is not my friend. If it gets below 65 degrees I wear a scarf. Any lower, I’m head to toe in wool.

So camping has been a bit of a challenge for me. The week before Easter, we headed to Santa Barbara to camp at El Capitan State Beach. It’s beautiful there and the spring weather is usually fine; cool in the evening and warm during the day.

This year it was freezing. Plus it was windy. There was no way to get warm. I didn’t have gloves or a hat or a parka. (My kids were fine because they never stopped running around.) I know the older I get the more whiny I am about the elements, but it was arctic cold. It might have been in the 40s.

Which is what leads me to this post today. One of our friends on the camping trip had this camp love seat.

wikets rei mom blogger in los angeles

It doesn’t seem like it would keep you warm, but it allows you to sit by the fire with someone, in my case 2 warm little boys or my equally warm husband, with a blanket and be toasty warm. I put the Camp Couch on my list of things I really want to have and I recommended (rec’d) it on Wikets and put it on the my wishlist in the hopes that it would show up on Mother’s Day.

Wikets is having a contest where you can recommend something you like a lot to someone you like a lot. While I really want an REI Camp Couch, I think my adorable husband would like this Byer Traveller Lite Hammock.

rei hammock byer camping in california mom blogger in los angeles

It’s $22.95, is 16 oz. and can hold up to 250 pounds. My husband can go to a quiet corner of the campsite, put up the hammock, and relax trying to forget all of the complaining I do about the cold.

You too can win a gift for someone you love by entering to win one of 10 prizes in this contest on Wikets. All you have to do is look for the Wikets man (it’s Batman on Wikets) and answer his question “What product $25 or less would you most want a friend to have?” Ten of the most heartfelt, funny, clever, answer recs will be selected. If your rec is selected you can send one of the products rec’d to a friend on Wikets.

I’m not eligible to win because I’m working with Wikets, but I did put that Hammock on my wishlist so I’ll remember to get it for my husband on Father’s Day.

If you’d like to enter the contest, you must first have the Wikets app on your iphone or ipad. I love Wikets, which was listed Number 1 in Catalog apps on itunes earlier in the week, especially because I can get and give apps from people I know. It’s so much more reliable, in my opinion, to try a product or restaurant that one of my friends liked. Not only that, they now they have offers. Here’s today’s which I am seriously considering:

wikets offer star wars saga


This post was sponsored by Wikets, but my opinions are all my own. 

Latest Wikets Rec: Rockreation Rock Climbing Gym in West Los Angeles

wikets rockreation rock climbing

I posted recently about my latest obsession, the Wikets app for iPad and iPhone. It’s not just because I’m working with Wikets, but it’s because I can tell the world about what products, places, and apps that I’m currently loving.

For example, my latest Wikets recommendation, or “rec,” was for Rockreation rock climbing gym in West LA. Rockreation has adult free climbing, adult classes plus it offers kids classes, camps, and birthday parties. We had my son’s 8th birthday party there on Saturday and it was fantastic. It was $25 per child and the price included the equipment and one instructor per 5 kids. The kids loved it and they got quite a workout. The instructors had them climb walls with varying degrees of difficulty. If the kids didn’t want to climb with ropes, there were walls they could climb side to side.

About halfway through the party the kids took a break and had Fresh Brothers Pizza, another of my Wikets recs. I’m a huge fan of Fresh Brothers because they have excellent spinach and mushroom pizza and the best gluten-free pizza around (my husband has celiac).

Fresh brothers pizza
Fresh Brothers' Momma's Pizza

After pizza we had birthday cake. I can’t rec this cake, but I would if I could. I made it myself and I was extremely proud. I’ll post the recipe next week.

Homemade Rockclimbing Cake

The party was a great success and I was happy to have Wikets to tell people about the great time we had at Rockreation. Wikets is perfect for that because you have the ability to follow people that you know you can trust.

If you’d like to join Wikets, you can sign up here. If you use the promo code YvonneinLA, you’ll get double points. You use the points to buy products.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and for working with Wikets. My opinions are all my own. (Just FYI – I was not compensated by Fresh Brothers or Rockreation.)

Wikets App for iPad and iPhone

Wikets new app recommendations

I have a new obsession and its name is Wikets. It’s an app that allows you to recommend places, products, and apps to Facebook friends, Twitter followers or other Wiket app users.

At first, when I was approached about working with Wikets, I thought it wasn’t for me because I’m not one of those people who “check in” when they go places. But you don’t need to check in. You can go and enjoy a lovely breakfast at a new-to-you restaurant, like I did after I went to Huckleberry in Santa Monica and then share with friends about why you loved it.

And that’s what’s great about Wikets. I don’t always have time to write a post about the amazing potatoes with goat cheese and spinach topped with an over easy egg, but with Wikets I can quickly people about my good experience and full stomach.

The app is not just about hearing myself talk about what I like. I follow people I know and whose recommendations I trust. If Elise Crane Derby tells me a movie is good, I’m pretty sure it will be good. And my rec of a the Yoobao iPad 2 cover was seen by Sarah Auerswald and she was spared all of the comparison shopping for the perfect Ipad cover I did and went out and got one for herself.

Wikets iphone app

When someone buys something you rec through one of the app’s online partners you get points based on the price. You also get points if someone re-recs your recommendation. Once you reach 2,500 points you can turn in those points for a $25 Amazon gift card.

If you want to try out Wikets, you can sign up here and use the promo code YvonneInLA to get started with 200 bonus points.

The app is still in Beta and more retailers are being added all the time. I’m hoping for Anthropologie and Lucy.


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and for working with Wikets. My opinions are all my own.