Tinkerbell Half Marathon

This past January, I was lucky enough to see Tinkerbell fly, run several miles through Disneyland at night after the park was closed, and high five Mickey Mouse. That is the kind of fun that the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half-Marathon Weekend has to offer.   Registration opens today at noon for the Half-Marathon, Neverland Family 5k Run, and the runDisney Kids Race January 18-20, 2013.

The Neverland race was in the evening the last time and it was fun running through the park when it was dark and empty. This year the race will be early Saturday morning, which will be much easier on the younger kids.  Or if they don’t want to do the 5K there is a 1-miler and 100, 200, and 400 meter dash. I did the half-marathon with 2 friends who were visiting for the weekend and I wasn’t the only one with a group. It’s an all-woman race and many are doing it for the first time. Tinkerbell is a great first race; it’s fun, mellow, and most people are in it to have fun, not so much to beat their best time.
As with all of the Disney races, you can wear costumes like these lovely ladies from Team Sparkle. If you do register, try to do it early. Prices go up after July 17 and again after September 4. It sold out last year as did the Disney Half Marathon so don’t procrastinate if you really want to do this race. The Disneyland Half Marathon in September sold out in February.
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Kelly and Carrie of Team Sparkle

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