PlayStation Wonderbook Is A Must For Harry Potter Fans

Sony PlayStation unveiled what I think is their most amazing game this week at E3. It’s the Wonderbook for PS3 and it gives players the ability to turn their controller into a magic wand. The Wonderbook’s first game is “Book of Spells,” written by JK Rowling. Her son had always wanted her to write a book of spells ┬áso when Sony approached her about a game they knew they had a match.

We love Harry Potter at our house, both the books and the movies and the game is incredible. The graphics are amazing. At one point a dragon flies off of the page then the whole book goes black and a new classrooms are formed. The story will keep kids and Harry Potter fans entertained for hours.

This video better explains what the game can do. Very excited for its release over the Holidays, 2012.


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