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Yvonne in LA

Look Out, Here We Come

We walked into the gym like we walk into most places, making a spectacle of ourselves. My 3-year-old ran from… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

Help A Mother Out Video

I’ve been really touched and amazed by the good work that Help A Mother Out is doing. The non profit… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

Cars 2 Review

Here’s what I want from a kid’s movie. I want my kids and I to be entertained, I want them… Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

The Muppets

I can’t tell you how excited I am for The Muppets to come to theaters over Thanksgiving. We have the… Continue reading »

harry and david mango box

Harry & David Mangoes and Gluten-Free Mango Banana Bread

Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes. That’s what Gustavo Arellano said recently when talking about what to get from fruit vendors right now…. Continue reading »

Yvonne in LA

Ann Curry at the 140 Conference

I’ve been out of touch on the blog for the last couple of days, but I’ve been all over Twitter…. Continue reading »


Whole Foods 28-Day Challenge: It’s Day 28!!!

It’s almost over!!! Just a few more hours!!! I’m in the home stretch of the Whole Foods 28-Day Challenge. I’ve… Continue reading »

pinto beans

Whole Foods 28-Day Challenge: Vegan Frijoles de la Olla

There are a few recipes that I’m known for and serve often at Casa de los Condes. Green chile chilaquiles,… Continue reading »

hyatt regency pool

Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa with MomsLA

My younger son has been asking to go to the pool since Christmas. Finally, last Sunday he got his wish…. Continue reading »

pan dulce

LA Monarca Bakery

It’s been my dream for years to open up a Mexican bakery. It would be filled with light and beautiful… Continue reading »


Whole Foods 28 Challenge: Whoops!

I’ve been very serious about the Whole Foods 28-Day Challenge up until this past weekend. No meat, dairy, oil or… Continue reading »

vegan fresh brothers pizza

Whole Foods 28-Day Challenge: Being Vegan is Better With Friends

I’m just beyond the halfway point of the Whole Foods 28-day challenge. I was worried about this past weekend and… Continue reading »