Where Does Mommy Go?

One of my favorite people drew these pictures for the book, “Where Does Mommy Go.” The book is an adorable explanation of all the amazing things moms do when they’re working.

“Does she climb aboard a rocket ship and fly to outer space?
Does she juggle, joke, and laugh with lots of makeup on her face.”

It’s a really sweet story and one that I had initially thought would be good for only girls. I had my older son read it tonight and he really loved it, especially Astro Mom and Boxing Mom.

The story reminded me of the book he made about his life for his 1st grade class. In it, he describes what my husband and I do. He drew a sweet picture of me sitting at a computer.

I love that the book embraces all that moms are capable of. It’s a great gift for boys or girls who wonder “Where Does Mommy Go.”

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