I’ve been trying to have a better attitude about LA Roadrunners marathon training. It’s tough but I do love running and the exhausted feeling the night after a long run.

Saturday was incredible. It was really cold, 37 degrees cold. But it was clear and beautiful. We ran from Venice Beach through Santa Monica and up San Vicente Blvd., which I love because there’s a view of Santa Monica Canyon and a line of beautiful old houses. It’s also nice because the way back is downhill and then it’s flat.

We did almost 14 miles, the last mile of which was a little tough, but it always is. Afterward, my friend and I stopped for coffee and then headed home.

My sister and niece were visiting so we went back to the beach that afternoon. Somehow I had missed the part of the plan where we talked about riding bikes from Santa Monica to Malibu. I was already hobbling from the long run so I said, no thanks, and parked myself on a bench and read Ruth Reichl while my sister, niece, husband, and 2 kids rode all the way to Back on the Beach.

I drove to meet them at Back on the Beach and we had a fabulous lunch. It was our first time back since they had remodeled and the food was very good, and much improved from before.

It was so wonderful to sit in the warm sun and just enjoy our family. I think I might try having a positive attitude from now on. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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