Say No to Positive Thinking

There are some things I never, ever do. I never spank my children, I never eat cauliflower, and I never say anything genuinely positive about my life. You would never hear me say, “I look fantastic!” or “This day is going to be great!!!”

I’m more Eeyore than Pooh, more Han Solo than Luke Skywalker. So when I wrote a post about turning 40 I hesitated on writing the phrase, “I feel really good.” But I did feel really good. For about 5 minutes.

In the month since I decided to become a positive person I have;

  • 1.    Puked at Disney’s California Adventure from stomach flu
  • 2.    Injured my leg running while training for the LA Marathon
  • 3.    Contracted a cold that is still lingering

I know it’s ridiculous to think that saying that “I feel really good” would make me feel really bad, but I have to wonder. I also wonder if it has something to do with the “bad karma” moment I had with the friend I had convinced to run the marathon with me.

She injured her leg a couple of weeks before I injured mine. I gave her a lot of advice, but one thing I told her keeps coming back to me. Come marathon day, I said, just run through the pain. It’ll be fine. If the injury gets worse, “Who cares?” At least you finished a marathon.

Now my leg is hurt and I know first-hand how running on it is not an option, I feel like an ass for even suggesting it.

But somehow we both have to finish the marathon. So tonight I’m going to meet her at the physical therapist’s office and hopefully we’ll both be well enough to run on race day. She will never forgive herself if she doesn’t finish and I feel the same. I’m running for charity now and must finish!

So this is officially the end of my positive streak. I can honestly say, I’m not feeling too good.

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  1. Lol! You crack me up! My and my husband's family are both big believers in speaking words and getting back karma. I tend to agree with you and I have to admit that I'm not often positive either. If the glass is half empty, I call it half empty. Lol. Sorry to hear about you and your friend though and I hope you did well in the marathon. 🙂

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