Save Our Parks!!!

Every day I wake up and check the California newspapers to find out what is going on with the state’s budget.

I’m just sick about the Governor’s proposal to help fix the budget crisis by shutting down most of the state parks. It’s bad enough that the cuts could end summer school, stop road projects, slash social services, but now it could take away one of the great joys of living in California .

That means no escaping from this smoggy, traffic-filled city and heading to the quiet and lovely Malibu Creek State Park for a walk. Or escaping the summer heat to camp near the beach at Leo Carillo State Park. No more hikes with the kids at Will Rogers. In the Bay Area, you won’t be able to take a day trip to Angel Island or climb Contra Costa’s Mount Diablo.

One of the best days of our lives as a family was in Malibu Creek. The weather was perfect, sunny, not hot, no wind and no flying bugs (little flying bugs are a-very-special day killer for my kids). The boys were thrilled to hike on the beautiful trail and they kept giggling because they were so happy to be out with mom and dad getting dirty and climbing rocks.

How sad will it be to go there and find the gates locked and the place a mess because there are no park rangers there to maintain it.

The state’s budget conference committee voted today to save the parks by imposing a $15 fee to all registered vehicles. Once you pay the fee you would be able to park in all state parks for free. As a California voter, I’m not thrilled about new taxes, but this sounds like a good idea.

The fee is part of a bigger tax hike and in order for it to pass it needs a two-thirds majority in both houses. That means some Republicans will need to vote for it.

In order for this to go through it needs public support. Sign this petition to save the parks!!

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