Running the LA Marathon to Help A Mother Out

I’ve been training for the LA Marathon since September and it’s taken over my life. It affects the amount I sleep, how much I eat, how I plan my week, and how much energy I have for work and for my family.

But that’s how it goes when you’re training for a marathon. I thought I was giving all I had to give until I got a reality check from Edward Norton.

There’s much more to give and there are organizations out there who are working much harder than I am and they are making people’s lives better. One of those is Help A Mother Out, a non-profit that provides diapers to parents who can’t afford to buy them for their babies.

Here is more information about Help A Mother Out’s diaper program from its website:

Did you know that diapers are not covered by public assistance programs like WIC or food stamps? And did you know that diaper companies do not make big donations to shelters or outreach programs? Until we started Help A Mother Out, we didn’t know it either. It was a revelation to us that something so basic as a diaper could have such a big impact.” Read more
So now, I’m running the marathon for more than just myself. Please make a donation to Help a Mother Out by visiting my page on Crowdwise.

Thank you!

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