Pizza Fusion

I was in too much of a happy-pizza-coma to write about this last night, but I took the family to Pizza Fusion in Santa Monica and we loved it. Seriously, loved it. We don’t take the kids out to eat much anymore because they’re so picky and crazy in public. But while the younger one was still a little hyper, he sat down long enough to eat. The 5-year-old ate an entire small pizza by himself and kept saying how good it was.

We usually stay away from pizza because the kids and I don’t love it and the husband can’t eat it. But Pizza Fusion has a gluten-free pizza with a crust that rivaled the regular wheat crust. It was flavorful, but not sweet and the vegetable toppings were fresh and delicious. I can’t remember the last time I had pizza and didn’t feel sick afterward (not because of the gluten, but because it’s junk food). I felt like I was eating something healthy. As an added bonus, they not only have gluten-free pizza, but brownies and beer. My husband was in heaven.

It’s not just having gluten-free items that makes this place different. They use organic ingredients, have hybrid delivery vehicles, and my favorite, use compostable take out cups and straws made from corn. Getting takeout always makes me feel guilty because of the amount of waste, but this is a great alternative. It was pricey (see interesting NYT article about cost of living with celiac), the gluten-free crust was $5 more and you can only get it in large. But we’ll be having the leftovers for dinner again tonight.

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