ok, nevermind

So last week I was all “baby, baby, baby,” and today I think I might be over that.

Some friends and I threw a baby shower for another friend and one of the guests brought her baby. When she came in I instantly offered to hold it. It was so cute and had this great baby/man face. Looking at it you could tell exactly what he was going to look like when he grows up. He was so sweet and adorable; then he started crying and fidgeting and I was suddenly terrified.

Babies scare me. I wasn’t scared of my own kids (okay, I was; eventually I got over it), but in general little babies scare the crap out of me. They’re so small and they make that high pitched noise when they need something. And they don’t just need something, they must have it NOW!!! And then you have to figure out what they need and it’s not always food, diaper or sleep.

It’s so nice that my kids are now at the point that they can tell me what they need. Even if it’s food (“I want some sugar!), laundry (“Wash my favorite pajamas right now so they’re clean when I go to sleep”), and entertainment (“Bolt is on sale. Buy it.”).

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