My Week in Food and Drink

My week started last Sunday in the best possible way. After a lovely morning selling the Gluten-Free Goodies at the farmers’ market, I was off to the spa.

Yes, the spa. I rarely indulge. It’s hard when you’re cheap and don’t like taking your clothes off in front of other people. But my clothes were off because Pacific Waters Spa hosted a group of mom bloggers for an afternoon of mini treatments and demonstrations. It was a beautiful place and the treatments were amazing, especially the massage. Between the pounding my back gets from running and hours I spend standing while I’m baking, I really needed a massage (I really need a chiropractor, but who has the time?). Then the group of us had the delightful drinks shown here and fabulous garlic fries.

Then on Monday, Nintendo was nice enough to include me in a demonstration of a couple of new games. The one I can imagine myself actually playing is the America’s Test Kitchen game for DS (if we had a DS). It contains a library of ATK’s recipes and an interactive way to get the kids cooking. You can assign players and duties. The nice thing is you can assign jobs that don’t involve knives or fire. The part of the game I liked best is that you can put in the ingredients you have on hand and it will give you an ATK recipe. You can come up with a menu for the week and set up a shopping list. The game comes out March 28th. Fun Stuff.

After that my two bff mom bloggers and I went to Café Pinot downtown and it was quite fantastic. We were lucky enough to hit it on Dine LA week, which means we had an appetizer, main dish, and dessert for a fixed price, a reasonable one I might add. I had a lovely mushroom risotto.

On Wednesday, I ventured downtown again to Babycakes NYC. It’s a vegan bakery that is mostly gluten-free with some spelt goodies. It was my second time there and I think I’ve tried everything. My husband liked the cupcakes and I thought the donuts were quite good.

Thursday, the husband and I took the kids to the Rock Sugar in Century City and tried out their gluten-free offerings. They only had a few so it wasn’t hard to pick. We had a duck curry and green curry vegetables. It was good and the kids ate their chicken and rice. What more could you ask? (for it to be cheaper?)

And the week wrapped up with a girls night out in Culver City. We went to Saint Amour. The Confit De Canard was excellent as was the bottle of Pinot we had. The desserts were only ok, I thought.

What a week. Tomorrow my carriage turns back into a mom car and I’ll be making brown rice pasta with meatballs.

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