My On-Again Off-Again Love Affair with Ann Taylor

The very first sophisticated dress I remember wearing was from Ann Taylor. I borrowed it from a friend for a date to see Les Miserables when the show traveled to Tucson.

The dress was a checkered, black and white shift dress. It was short and it was perfect. I was 19 and I remember thinking, when I am a reporter all of my clothes will be from Ann Taylor.

Well, with students loans, rent, and a job at a small paper in Southern Illinois there was no wardrobe from Ann Taylor. But there were a few select pieces that I saved up for and treasured. I still have one that I swear is going to come back in style.

But over the years I lost my love of Ann Taylor. It was too structured and too similar. I felt that the styles didn’t change much over the years while my style had become more casual.

Well, my opinion changed after seeing the new line of clothes and jewelry at a party celebrating the opening of the first Los Angeles Ann Taylor Concept store. I loved all of the color in the clothes and jewelry. But almost as much, I loved the fabulous party that I attended with Sarah Auerswald, Eva Smith (Tech.Food.Life), and Shelby Barone (Glitterful Felt Stories) in Costa Mesa last month.

Here are some of my favorite pieces. I love the colorful dress second to the left and the gray one on the far right.

ann taylor dresses

Ann Taylor has opened up 6 concept stores, including Costa Mesa, in an effort to reinvent the brand. The clothes look a little hipper to me and from what I’ve read about the stores, they are, too.

ann taylor jewelry

ann taylor fashion

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  1. You guys look like you had a lot of fun! I love that black dress! I recently bought a couple outfits at Ann Taylor Loft, I love them but you are right very reporter/ready for the office… it can be hard to find a party dress there or something fun and different, I’m glad they are working to change that.

    They make quality clothing so adding more fun to their line sounds perfect.

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