Mother's Day

I worked at my booth today at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market. A couple of people said they weren’t sure if I would be there because it was Mother’s Day. I chuckled at this. Oh, the dream of Mother’s Day, where you get breakfast in bed, a diamond ring, a trip to the spa.

But in real life, Mother’s Day is like most days except you get something. In my case it will likely be Type 2 Diabetes. My boys and husband gave me a box of See’s Candy, which I love, and surprised me when I got home with a box of cupcakes. This, plus the fact that I was at the farmers’ market selling gluten-free baked goods that I had made, sampled and then just ate because I was hungry, not knowing cupcakes were waiting for me at home.

While I was at the market, my 4 and 6yrold boys went with dad to a birthday party. They spent the rest of the morning trying to get their hands on Rock Band, because I really wanted one for Mother’s Day (ummm, ok…). Apparently, there’s a new Rock Band coming out and they are out of the old version at the stores.

The husband told me about their adventure trying to get me my dream gift. I felt bad, but I had to tell him. “Don’t get me Rock Band. It’s too expensive for Mother’s Day (and I don’t want one).” I barely have time to sleep and I’m going to play Rock Band? He got the idea after we went to a fabulous fundraiser party last weekend for Help a Mother Out. The Game Truck was there and we played a few songs on Rock Band and I said, “That was fun.”

I’m just giving the husband a hard time. All of the boys were so sweet today. They gave me a card that plays the theme to Charlie Brown. Later, the 4yrold breakdanced and the older boy did his best Snoopy impression to the music. The 6yearold hid the gift he made me under his pillow for 2 days even though he was worried that the tooth fairy might take it. They gave me many hugs, picked flowers, and helped me shell the fava beans. And the husband made a lovely dinner (fish and vegetables to counterbalance the cake and candy) and cleaned the kitchen.

But I did do 4 loads of laundry, helped get the kids ready for bed, and cleaned up around the house. Mother’s Day was nice, but just because someone decides you have a holiday doesn’t mean you get any rest.

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