Last week, the family and I went camping at June Lake and Mammoth with my inlaws. I was nervous at first about being offline for that many days (okay, I did check email by phone and used my laptop one day). But other than that there was no technology, just nature and my wonderful family.

We started out our trip at June Lake and took a ride out to the Bodie Ghostown. It was a bustling town in the  mid 1800s thanks to the gold rush, and at one point there was a populaton of 15,000. For those 15,000 or so people there were about 50 saloons. And men outnubered women 100 to 1.

Once the gold dried up people started leaving the town until there was nothing but old buildings. (This article in the New York Times talks about the push to start gold mining in Bodie once more.)

After a couple of days we moved our tent trailer over to Mammoth Lakes, which was really pretty. We explored and hiked and, of course, ate too much. Great way to end the summer.


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