Making Holiday Cookies with the Kids – Video

There are so few pictures of me when I was a kid. I am the youngest of 4 and by the time I came around my parents were burnt out. There is even one picture of my sister that my mom tries to pass off as me. I vowed this would not be the case with my kids.

So when my sons were born, like any new mom with a digital camera, I took hundreds of pictures. More of the first born than the second, but still a lot.

What I don’t have is video. It just never occurred to me. When I was given a Sony Handycam at an event hosted by the fabulous Kimberley Blaine, they gave us everything to shoot a video of the kids making cookies. A Sony Handycam plus cookie mix, chef hats, and decorations. At first I thought I would do gluten-free cooking videos without the kids. It seemed too hard to coordinate all three of us doing an activity together and then documenting it.

Then unexpectedly we had a free afternoon and they wanted to make cookies. It was so much fun. I’ve watched the video a couple of times and now I regret not taking more video of them when they were little. I hope this is a new tradition.

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  1. So cute, Yvonne! I started reading the beginning of your post and thought it was something I had written! Seriously, I've said those words verbatim. I'm the youngest of 4 kids and my parents were so burnt out on raising kids at that point, there's almost NO photos of me. I don't have a baby book, nothing I did was special until I was quite a bit older and started setting myself apart. LOL! I feel ya sister! Hope you have a GREAT Christmas! xo

  2. Thanks for the comment! That's so funny. My siblings are 7,9,10 years older so when I "surprised" my parents they thought they were done. I'm probably thinking about it now because it's the holidays and everyone will soon be bossing me around like I'm 5 (but I'm 40 dammit!).

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