Latest Wikets Rec: Rockreation Rock Climbing Gym in West Los Angeles

I posted recently about my latest obsession, the Wikets app for iPad and iPhone. It’s not just because I’m working with Wikets, but it’s because I can tell the world about what products, places, and apps that I’m currently loving.

For example, my latest Wikets recommendation, or “rec,” was for Rockreation rock climbing gym in West LA. Rockreation has adult free climbing, adult classes plus it offers kids classes, camps, and birthday parties. We had my son’s 8th birthday party there on Saturday and it was fantastic. It was $25 per child and the price included the equipment and one instructor per 5 kids. The kids loved it and they got quite a workout. The instructors had them climb walls with varying degrees of difficulty. If the kids didn’t want to climb with ropes, there were walls they could climb side to side.

About halfway through the party the kids took a break and had Fresh Brothers Pizza, another of my Wikets recs. I’m a huge fan of Fresh Brothers because they have excellent spinach and mushroom pizza and the best gluten-free pizza around (my husband has celiac).

Fresh brothers pizza
Fresh Brothers' Momma's Pizza

After pizza we had birthday cake. I can’t rec this cake, but I would if I could. I made it myself and I was extremely proud. I’ll post the recipe next week.

Homemade Rockclimbing Cake

The party was a great success and I was happy to have Wikets to tell people about the great time we had at Rockreation. Wikets is perfect for that because you have the ability to follow people that you know you can trust.

If you’d like to join Wikets, you can sign up here. If you use the promo code YvonneinLA, you’ll get double points. You use the points to buy products.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and for working with Wikets. My opinions are all my own. (Just FYI – I was not compensated by Fresh Brothers or Rockreation.)

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