Heidi Klum and Seriously Funny Kids

I really wanted to hate Heidi Klum. She’s a former Victoria Secret Model who shoots out kids like a gumball machine and still has a fantastic body.

But I couldn’t. She’s a delightful, smart mother of 4 who happens to have good genes. I was one of several bloggers who did a phone interview with Heidi to promote her new show “Seriously Funny Kids” that airs tonight on Lifetime. And I found her seriously funny, and charming, and into her kids.

Her show is about the funny things kids say. But sometimes it wasn’t easy getting the kids to say something funny on the show. It could be 15 minutes of talking on a particular subject and nothing happened. And then the kids would go off on a tangent and it would be hilarious, she said.

She tries to make things fun with her own kids, too, while making sure that they are polite and well mannered. “I think we have fun as a family,” she said. She loves having the house where her kids’ friends can come over and run around and have a good time. “Our house is not a museum.”

I’m not usually into reality shows with kids, but I am a big fan of Project Runway, also on Lifetime. I asked Heidi if working with the designers on Project Runway prepared her for working with the children on Seriously Funny Kids since some of the designers would cry, throw tantrums, and be manipulative.

She said no, kids are innocent and the designers know exactly what they are doing. She said she would often be surprised by what the designers said on the runway and what actually happened in the workroom.

“They’re quite calculated and the kids are not calculated,” she said.

>Her own kids are very important to her, but she also makes time for her husband. Her husband is another reason to want to hate her. She’s married to super-hot singer Seal. And it appears he’s delightful and they are very much in love.

“I look at my husband…to me he’s the hottest man,” she said. She still gets butterflies when she sees him walk into a room. Her advice for a happy marriage? “You have marry the man who in your eyes is the most hot and sexy.”

And you have to make time for that person. She said they make sure and have date nights so they can connect without focusing on the kids.

She had a point. After the interview with her I got to thinking about alone-time with my own super-hot husband. When was the last time we had a conversation that lasted more than 2 minutes? I couldn’t remember.

I called the babysitter after I got off the phone and that night I had a lovely dinner with my husband. Thanks, Heidi Klum. I definitely don’t hate you.

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