Guest Post on Spanglish Baby

Today I have a guest post on Spanglish Baby about Arizona’s attempt to shut down Tucson’s Mexican-American Studies program. Here is an excerpt:

On Monday, I sat down with my 2 boys and read them a copy of “Free at Last! The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.” I read to them about the bus boycotts and the March on Washington. I tried to explain to my 5-and almost 7-year-old boys that sometimes people are so uncomfortable with a group of people that they will do anything they can to keep them down.

My 7-year-old said that Martin Luther King, Jr. lived a long time ago and those things were in the past. But I feel like it’s still a current issue. A startling example in my mind is how the powers that be in Arizona are doing everything they can to keep Latinos down. Click here to continue reading Spanglish Baby is an amazing website for parents raising bilingual children.

I wrote another guest post in 2009 about how lame I am for not speaking fluent Spanish (or as my mom would say “any” Spanish).

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