got milk?

As I said in my previous post, 2010 is looking a lot like 2009. Just like last year, I made a poor parenting decision so my kids and I could go to a fun blogger party.

Yesterday I took my boys to the W Hotel in Westwood and we hung out with celebrities instead of going to basketball practice. It might sounds bad and that’s because… it was bad! My older son is not the most accomplished basketball player and of all of his teammates he was probably not the one who should miss practice. I thought we would just be a few minutes late, instead we missed the entire thing. Did I mention I’m an assistant coach? Yep, not good. (But he’s 5 and the party had Legos! And an ice skating rink!)

Anyway, the event was to announce the new got milk? ad with Rebecca Romijn and her twin daughters. (The sign is held here by Romijn’s husband, Jerry O’ Connell, who is delightful), and to kick off a program that will give away 200,000 gallons of milk. And, if you go on Facebook and pass a virtual gallon of milk, $1 will go to Feeding America.

So really, we were helping to spread the message that milk is good for families. Actually, the 5-year-old who suddenly stopped drinking milk last year, drank two jugs of it. Oh, right. It was chocolate milk. But it’s still milk.

Both my boys ended up having a lot of fun. They were able to try ice skating for the first time (in 75 degree weather) and take the Lego’s home. We did manage to get some basketball in today. To make up for missing practice I made the 5-year-old play with me for an hour. He did a great job! I think it was the one on one attention. Right.

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