Family Finds: 24-Pack of Silly Bandz For $1 (89% Off)

$1 for $9 to Spend at

What can you buy for a dollar these days? Not much. But with today’s deal, you can buy your kid a 24-pack of official Silly Bandz for a dollar … and that even includes shipping! You can choose from 35 varieties of Silly Bandz, including Justin Bieber, Kardashian, Rango, FarmVille, SpongeBob, Yo Gabba Gabba, Barbie, or iCarly. Or you can even go with the Build-a-Pack option and build your dream pack by choosing 24 of your favorite Silly Bandz. Kids love to wear them, trade them, collect them, and show them off to their friends. Be the coolest parent on the block — buy your kid a 24-pack of official Silly Bandz at 89% off! 

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