Last month Yahoo! flew several mom bloggers, including myself, to the Bay Area for an exclusive conference. All of the bloggers are part of the Yahoo! Motherboard, a group moderated by Yahoo that writes about suggested topics once a month.

We were flown out, put up in the Four Seasons Palo Alto, and entertained with a party by the pool and farewell dinner, with an all-day conference slotted in between. All of this was on Yahoo’s dime, for the sake of full disclosure, and it was fabulous.

I learned a lot about Shine, internet safety, and how to be a better online writer thanks to the Yahoo Style Guide.

And now, thanks to Shine, I’m at Blogher! I was one of a group of bloggers selected to tell their You. Reinvented stories. Yahoo! sponsored my trip here and will show all of the You. Reinvented stories here at Blogher.

I’ll post mine when it’s ready, but until then check out these amazing reinvention stories.