Blogger Prom

My party-girl days are long behind me, but sometimes I really miss getting dressed up and going out on the town. Mostly because I’m painfully aware that my kids will wake me up sometime during the night and then again at 6 am.

But when my invitation to Blogger Prom landed in my inbox no amount of sleep deprivation was going to keep me away (or soccer practice or work).

Blogger Prom is a once-a-year invitation-only event for Los Angeles bloggers. This year’s theme was Hollywood Confidential and it was held at the Hollywood landmark Yamashiro Restaurant. I brought along my friend over at Mommy Toolbox, Mary Kay Holmes, and we caught a ride with Elise over at Elise’s Ramblings.

We started our evening with a drink and I chose the Pinky Confidential made with Pinky Vodka. I love any outing that involves food, but the food was exceptional from Yamashiro’s Chef Brock. My favorite was the duck tacos with wasabi guacamole. Amazing. Also amazing was that he made vegan tacos for Mary Kay. And I loved the oatmeal cookie and salted caramel ice cream sandwich from Cool Haus. (I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I made ice cream and cookies Friday, but unfortunately it wasn’t the same).

It was all quite fabulous. The most fun was seeing how people interpreted the Hollywood Confidential theme. But the evening wasn’t all about dressing up and enjoying cocktails. The Blogger Prom Committee raised $2,400 for Operation Frontline. Alas, at the stroke of 9:30 our pumpkin turned into a minivan and we had to go home.  It was a school night so no after party for us. We did manage to sneak in one more picture.

Me, MommyToolbox, Elisesramblings, and LA_Story