Family and Latino Americans on PBS

This week’s Wordless Wednesday is Family. These are my grandparents on my father’s side and I recently wrote about them for MomsLA and the PBS Latino Americans site.

Here’s an excerpt:
The story begins in 1884 in Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico when my great grandfather Pedro was born. He was forced into work as a boy when his father, a federal judge, died. Pedro joined the Navy and quickly worked his way up the ranks. By the time he was 26, he was married and commander of military garrison in Baja California. He became Colonel under President Porfirio Diaz and was being groomed to become Governor of Baja. – See more at:

Go Dodgers! Wordless Wednesday

boys running bases (photo by Yvonne Condes)

Okay, the Dodgers aren’t really the subject of our Wordless Wednesday this week. It was actually “hot boy” but since the Dodgers are in the playoffs, I thought this title would be more timely. Plus, this picture was taken on a very hot day two years ago during a blogger day with the Dodgers. Those are my boys running the bases after the game.

Envious: Wordless Wednesday

Girl at the Eifel Tower (photo by Yvonne Condes)

I don’t know if envy is the right way to describe it, maybe longing. I long to have a quiet moment to look at something beautiful.

Change: Wordless Wednesday

Growing Up (photo by Yvonne Condes)

Of course I knew my boys were going to grow up. But I’m shocked by how quickly it’s happening. My younger son was only 7 in this picture yet he looks like a teenager to me. Deep down I know that change is good even if I’m not ready for it.