Shopping App for the Bargain Shopper

There are so many things that I see at a store that I would love to have, but are too expensive. I know they’ll go on sale, but I don’t know when. I say to myself that I’ll go back, but it usually doesn’t happen.

>Recently I was shown an app that is perfect for the bargainshopper. It’s called You can use the app to scan a barcode and the app will email you when the item goes on sale. It can also tell you when you buy something and it goes on sale so you can go back to the store with your receipt to get a price adjustment.

A friend and I learned about the app during a lunch hosted by Samantha Fein of Garza Girl at The Grove, my favorite over-the-top LA shopping experience. (Why is it over the top? The Grove’s Santa House is almost as big as mine and Mario Lopez films “Extra” there and snags shoppers from the sidewalk to be extras.)

So far, nothing I wanted has gone on sale, but I did say I would pay $18 for a $48 scarf. I doubt I’ll get an email about my wish pricing. But there was a funky jacket that I’m sure will go on the sale rack soon and I will be there.

The app launched last week and not all retailers are participating yet. But some of my favorite are including Anthropologie, J Crew, Crate & Barrel, and Best Buy. According to, retailers missed out $20 billion in price adjustments during the 2010 holiday season. For a bargain shopper like me, that is shocking.

I can’t wait to get my first notice of a price adjustment. I just hope I can resist spending extra money with my savings.

Disclosure: My guest and I were given money to go shopping and use the app plus we enjoyed a fabulous brunch at The Farm of Beverly Hills.

Bluegrass Music, Mario Lopez, And A Giant Whale

Like a lot of my best plans, the last week of my kids’ summer vacation was a bust. My younger son was scheduled to start at a new preschool and that was supposed to give the 1st grader and me a chance to  have some one-on-one time before he starts school this week. I thought I could get work done in the morning and then we’d go out in the afternoon and maybe ride bikes or go for a run in the park. I pictured us having meaningful talks that he would remember forever.

Well, the younger one was home sick for 3 days and that was the end of our plans. The poor guy was better by Thursday (but had to be fever free for 24 hours before he could go to school), and both kids were desperate to get out of the house. Luckily, I remembered that The Grove has a Kid’s Club activity every Thursday. It also has shopping, good food, and the occasional celebrity sighting.

The celebrity sighting last week was a good one. Mario Lopez was shooting a segment for Extra at The Grove.

After looking at beautiful people and then wondering aloud why we were looking at beautiful people, we settled in to watch the Kid’s Club show. The entertainment for the day was children’s Bluegrass band, “The Hollow Trees.” I really liked them and kind of wanted to tell the loud mommy group sitting near us to shut it so I could hear the band perform, but after a few songs my kids were ready to go.

We spent a nice rest of the day walking around, looking at the fountains, and having lunch at Loteria in the Farmers’ Market. I had mole tacos and they were excellent. After we bought fresh fruit from a vegetable stand at the Market, we headed home.

Finally on Friday, my younger boy started school. He seemed to love it, which was such a relief, so I took my 1st grader to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. I was worried that my son would be disappointed because the dinosaur exhibit is closed for another year, but the Age of Mammals exhibit was so incredible I don’t think he noticed. It was amazing and if we didn’t need to beat traffic home, we would have stayed until they kicked us out. I was most blown away by this 63-foot whale and to learn that whales once walked the earth.

My 1st grader and I didn’t have any long talks like I had hoped, but we did spend a lovely day together.