Summer Camp

Summer Camp is on the minds of everyone I know and it’s making a lot of moms crazy. I signed my boys up for a cute little camp and had to get up at midnight the night of registration to secure spots. It sold out in 48 hours. And then I had to pay for it, which was more painful. Camp is expensive!!

I heard about this camp and it’s one that I want to go to, but alas I’m too old and one of my kids is too young. It sounds fabulous. Surfas, an amazing restaurant supply and gourmet food store, is hosting a cooking and art camp called Art Bites. Chef and art historian Maite Gomez-Rejon will take the kids around the world using food and art. Each week campers will study a different country from Mexico to Senegal and make dishes and art from that region.

The camp runs for three weeks from late July to early August and you can sign up week to week. For more information visit