Sound of Music Sing-Along

For the last two years I’ve wanted to take my kids to the Sound of Music Sing-Along at the Hollywood Bowl. But we couldn’t make it both years. I love the Sound of Music and hopefully so will my kids because I’m going to drag them to our local movie theatre next week to see it.

The Sound of Music Sing-along will show at 500 theaters across the country on Oct. 19 and 26 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the movie and the release of the Blu Ray version on DVD. The movie is 3 and half hours long so we’ll stay as long as we possibly can. I’m hoping to get the DVD when it comes out on Nov. 2.
If you want to see it the good, old fashioned way you can find a theater to see it here

This has nothing to do with the Sing-along, but it makes me happy.