Whole Foods

I love food and I love to go grocery shopping. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, which is why I sometimes come home with wine that tastes slightly better than Boone’s Farm, but looks lovely on the table. I try to go to the store when I have almost no time, so I can’t ponder over whether I need to try another brand of salted caramel sauce.

Last week I had an hour to shop, but ironically couldn’t buy anything. I was given a tour of a new Whole Foods flagship store in Tarzana the day before its grand opening last Wednesday. It’s 20,000 square feet and it’s fabulous. The gluten-free section had products I’d never even heard of and they were all on display together (I hate it when I have to search for gluten-free products all over the store).

I was given a tour so I couldn’t stand around and stare too long, but I really want to go back and try the wine and tapas bar. Or smell all of the Soaptopia soaps that were on display. Or try the Alba skin care products, my favorite these days.