The True Meaning of Valentine's Day

There’s a running joke around my house about Valentine’s Day and See’s Candy. My birthday is a couple of days before Valentine’s Day and I’ve always said that the only thing I’ve ever wanted on Valentine’s Day or my birthday was a box of See’s Candy.

Well, I mentioned it a lot, but my husband never took the bait. He would always come up with something else, like flowers or a card. Flowers are lovely, but they aren’t covered in chocolate or filled with coconut cream. Instead my friends would show up with a box of See’s for me. There’s nothing that says Valentine’s Day better than making fun of one’s husband.

I always thought that the best gift for Valentine’s Day was chocolate, but this Valentine’s Day I found out that the best gift of all is holding the kids back while you throw up at Disney’s California Adventure. And even better is to take them to school while you lay in bed with terrible stomach pains.

Nope, no See’s Candy this year because the thought of it is making me feel queasy. I finally got the stomach flu that tormented my two boys and husband last week. Luckily, I didn’t get it until the day after I did a 20-mile run for marathon training. Unluckily, I got in while on my son’s birthday trip to Disneyland.

This Valentine’s Day I’m reminded of what love really means. It’s not about candy or flowers or jewelry. It’s about having someone who’s wonderful enough to take care of you when you’re at your most disgusting.

I love you my fabulous husband. Happy Valentine’s Day.