Peanut Butter Flan and a Pie for Mikey

There are so many things I take for granted. But the most obvious lately is my smart, kind, adorable husband. Even though he’s pissing me off right now, I know that he loves me and our kids more than anything. I know that he means everything to me and I want him to know it, too.

I want him to know that I really do appreciate everything he does for us. That I miss him when we’re not together and that when we are, I love his company. I want him to know that I love him more every day.

The reason I’m focusing about how much I love him and not how much he’s pissing me off (which is my usual MO), is because of a horrible thing that happened last weekend.

The blogger, Jennifer Perillo, whom I met only once and whose blog I follow, became a widow. Her husband of 18-years passed away suddenly of a heart attack. I can’t imagine how much her heart is breaking. Or the sorrow she must feel for her two daughters.

So today, I joined many people across the country to make a Peanut Buttery Pie for Mikey, his favorite dessert.

It’s not really a pie, it’s a flan, because I didn’t have the ingredients to make a gluten-free pie crust. Hopefully my dear and wonderful husband will know that I made it just for him and I made it with love.