A Little Something About Yellowstone

I’m off this week having a lovely vacation in Yellowstone National Park. It’s my first time here and it’s really beautiful. I don’t, however, have the same overwhelming feeling I had when I arrived in Alaska back in the early 1990s. Back then, I was from the desert and I had never imagined anything so beautiful and extreme and cold in my life. It changed me forever and how I viewed nature and the world. I was hoping Yellowstone would elicit that same feeling.

But I’m old now and I’m not as bright eyed and bushy tailed. It’s beautiful here, but I’m not overwhelmed. I think that has something to do with youth and it being a first. I hope that my two boys are having the same feeling seeing Yellowstone as I had when I saw Denali Park – amazement and awe.

Old Faithful

That said, it’s not that I’m not having a great time! I’m here with family and friends and we’ve seen some pretty spectacular sights.

Here are some of the picture highlights so far.