I like to project the image that I’m an intellectual who reads books, goes to see art films and watches PBS. But the truth is, I watch plenty of television that isn’t in the least bit highbrow like Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, True Blood, Modern Family, and of course my favorite show of the season, or dare I say, all time: Glee.

How could I not love a show about high school where the characters break out into pop songs or, better yet Broadway show tunes? It’s more fabulous than I can possibly describe. My kids call it “the show you make us watch where they sing.” The subject matter is too mature for them, but I fast forward to the singing and dancing because it’s too good for them to miss.

It’s my unabashed not-so-secret love for Glee that brings me to why I’m writing this post. The second season starts tonight. I was given the complete first season on DVD and I had every intention of doing a give-away. But then I noticed that there’s an extra 2 hours of content including karaoke. I don’t karaoke in public, but I sure will when no one is home.

And now that I have the DVD I can watch Kristen Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison sing “One Less Bell to Answer” over and over and over. And Idina Menzel and Lea Michele singing “I Dreamed a Dream”. And any time Mathew Morrison sings hip hop.

It’s not just the singing. It’s really funny. I think the writing is smart and insightful and hilarious. The only issue I have was with the very last episode (excluding, of course,  the amazing rendition of “To Sir With Love”). I was a little disappointed with the plot twist that made Sue Sylvester seem like a nice person. I thought her character served as a good life-lesson for kids. Some people are jerks and they don’t have a secret heart of gold.

(Some people really are jerks. Let’s take yesterday for example. I had both of my kids in the car and I was driving them to soccer practice. A woman came into my lane so I honked so she knew I was there and didn’t crash into my car. She honked back at me and then yelled for me to fuck off and gave me the finger all while my kids were watching.)

Like I said, some people are jerks. And Sue Sylvester should have been left a jerk.

But that’s not stopping me from watching tonight. John Stamos as Emma’s new boyfriend is genius. He can sing (appearing on Broadway in Nine) and he’s adorable. I also read that Gwyneth Paltrow will be a love interest for Will.

Yes, I love Glee and I don’t care who knows it! But I can only fit it in when I’m not watching PBS.