Magnolia Bakery

I wish every Tuesday could be as fabulous as last Tuesday. Magnolia Bakery had a party called Pumpkins, Prosecco, and Pie. Oh, My! Sparkling wine and baked goods are two of my favorite things (which is why even though I’m training for a marathon, I often can’t button my pants). A lucky group of bloggers gathered in the bakery after hours to try some of Magnolia’s fabulous treats. And there were so many treats to try. 
I do a lot of baking, mostly gluten-free, and I am very particular about frosting. I didn’t really care for the vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, but the s’more and pumpkin cupcakes were fantastic. The banana pudding, ice box cake, and peanut butter toffee bar were also incredible. 
Magnolia, which opened in July, is the sister to the famous New York bakery. It’s so adorable it was hard to know where to look first. So many beautifully decorated cakes, and cupcakes, and pie. 

I was so happy to find this decadent dessert. The flourless chocolate cake is the one option at the bakery that doesn’t contain gluten. In general I’m not a fan of flourless chocolate cake so I took it home to my husband who has Celiac Disease. He loved it. 

Another special treat for the night was that I was able to bring along my friend Nancy. She works so hard working full time and raising her 2 kids, if anyone deserved a night of Prosecco and Pie, it’s Nancy!