Conquer the Overlook – 5k and 282 Step Climb

Conquer the Overlook 5k and 282 Step Challenge

Conquer the Overlook 5k and 282 Step Challenge

Every race should end with beer and tacos. Especially if you have to climb 282 steps to end the race. The Conquer the Overlook 5k and 282 Step Climb at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City on August 19th was brutal for sure, but it was worth it to eat delicious tacos and drink craft beer with friends.

It’s also easier to convince people to enter if it sounds more like a party. I invited the tough and awesome CrossFit ladies to enter the race with me. I don’t know what I thought, but it was harder than I thought it would be. Partly because I didn’t know the course ahead of time. I did know, from past hikes that we’d need to climb these stairs.

Part of the race was on a dirt trails and part on the road. It started out downhill. Because it was a short race most people were going fast and the trail was a bit narrow. At one point I faceplanted into a sign, but that was my own fault for not looking up and trying to pass someone in a tight space. We went down and around Culver City Park and then back up the hill, down again until we got to the stairs.

I had hoped that I would run walk the stairs, but I walked them, which I was more than happy about. It was amazing just to finish the race. The view from the top was worth it all.

The view from the top of the Baldwin Hills Overlook

Oh, wait. The cold beer and delicious tacos at the race party made it worth it all.


Surf City Half Marathon – A Personal Best

Yvonne Condes and Jae Wu at Surf City Marathon 2014

I have a new running friend and she is a great companion. She’s always positive and in a good mood most of the time. This works well because we run in the morning, which is not the time of day when I’m positive or in a good mood. It’s been nice to shake it up and run with someone else. But god forbid I let it end there. About a month ago I told her we were ready for a half marathon.

So on February 2, after about 6 weeks of training, we did the Surf City Half Marathon. It was fantastic in so many ways. The course was mostly flat, it was at the ocean so it was beautiful, the medal was a surfboard, and last but not least, it ended at a beer garden on Superbowl Sunday.

Really, though, the best part was that I had a personal best. My time was 2 hours and 14 minutes. Two minutes faster than my second best time. I was hoping for 2:10, but 2:14 is great. It makes me want to run more and try harder. There is still time to sign up for the LA Marathon…