Community on NBC

I am not from Los Angeles and I’ve never worked in the entertainment industry. I didn’t go to high school with Tori Spelling and didn’t date, drink with, or become bff’s with a movie star back in the day.

That’s why when I have the chance to go to a movie or television set I jump on it. It’s magical to me and I don’t care what saying that does to my LA street cred.

Needless to say, I’m not indifferent to the occasional celebrity sighting. I almost started jumping up and down last week when I ran into John Oliver of The Daily Show on the set of the NBC show “Community.” Instead I said a much too loud, “Hi!!” with a maniacal grin on my face.

A group of bloggers and I were guests of the show and got watch to part of  a taping. On the Paramount Lot, no less! Very exciting. Then we got to interview John Oliver, Joel McHale, Ken Jeong, and Alison Brie. Ken Jeong is the funniest doctor turned comedian I’ve ever met.

I could show you the fantastic video I took of Ken Jeong being hilarious, but I was too excited to notice that I didn’t hit the record button. Instead, I’m sharing the equally hilarious video that Elise of Elise’s Ramblings took.

YvonneinLA and Yvette Nicole Brown

And that’s not all, folks. We were treated to lunch in a Paramount private dining room with Yvette Nicole Brown, who was charming and funny. She told us about how she started out in the music industry and moved to acting once she got to LA. You can hear her singing on her website and her voice is lovely.

I’m interested to watch the show on Thursday. The gang turns into claymation figures. Looks funny.