Yellowstone Vacation

So I wasn’t overwhelmed by the first sight of Yellowstone, but our trip just got better and better.

After touring Old Faithful I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. A geyser’s a geyser, I thought. Of course, that’s ridiculous. We saw so many beautiful and amazing sights. What thrilled and frightened me the entire trip is that Yellowstone is the biggest active volcano in the world. You can see evidence of this in the bubbling and spewing geysers. It looked to me like the whole place was ready to blow, but I was assured by our park ranger that it wouldn’t happen.

Not only were the geysers and pools amazing, but we saw a wolf, a bald eagle, and a baby bear.

We stayed in a different place every couple of days, but my favorite was the Canyon Lodge Cabins near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It was new and clean and comfortable. The cabins had a little porch and our kids had a safe place to play while the grownups could sit and chat.

We had some pretty terrible food in the park, but once we got to Jackson, Wyoming everything changed. We had dinner at Burke’s Chophouse and it was excellent. Our kids were happy and we were delighted. The filet  I had (below) was cooked perfectly and the sauce was full of flavor. We had a party of 11 and everything was perfect, including my husband’s gluten-free friendly meal, which they were more than happy to prepare.

The second night we were on our own and hit the Snake River Brewery and Restaurant. They were really knowledgeable about Celiac and the husband and I shared a goat cheese polenta cake with roasted vegetables. Once I figure out how to make it, I’ll post the recipe. So good.

Here are some more pictures of our incredible vacation.

My favorite time was spent at the swimming hole and running into a national park celebrity. Shelton Johnson was at the Grand Teton’s Colter Bay Visitor Center signing his book “Gloryland.” He was just as interesting and eloquent as he was in “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”