It's Time To Go To Sleep

mom blogger los angeles yvonne condes

mom blogger los angeles yvonne condes

One of my claims to fame with my circle of friends was that I could get my kids to go to bed every night at 7. I’m not much of a routine person; they never had a nap schedule that I kept to, but bedtime was a different story. Every night, my husband or I would read a story to our boys and they would climb into bed and go to sleep.

Well, I knew that it couldn’t last forever and over the last year, bedtime has gotten harder and harder. My boys are 7 and 8 now and they go to bed between 8 or 8:30. And sometimes they go to sleep and sometimes they get up 10 times because they’re hungry, want a glass of water, or want to see what we’re doing. Even the nights they’ve gone to bed late, one of them will stay up and call “Mama…mama….mama..mamamamamamamamammama…MAMA!” I’m at my wits end and I’m about to turn to an old fashioned remedy to see if it works.

The California Milk Processor’s board has an adorable new commercial about getting kids to sleep. Having a glass of milk before bed may help kids to sleep better and be more alert the next day. In researching this, it appears that there it could be a psychological reason that it helps. It’s comforting like a warm blanket. And milk is a protein rich food that will satiate their hunger.

We’ll see what happens, but in the meantime check out the “Ya es hora de ir a la cama” (it’s time to go to bed) television spot that is airing on Univsion and Telemundo between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the west coast. It’s so cute.

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