A Family Weekend

I didn’t realize how overscheduled my kids were until the last 2 days when we had nothing to do. We had a ridiculous amount of activity on Friday when I made 3 quiches plus kid food and had a rainy day birthday party for my son. Saturday, we had a basketball game, inlaws in town, and a night out for mom. Too much!

But Sunday and Monday, we had nothing planned. My kids played basketball and baseball in the backyard, rode their bikes. Yesterday, we tried to get them to do something out of the house, but they wouldn’t have it. They were so happy to do nothing.

The one thing we did do was have movie night Sunday and Monday. We watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. So much fun. Okay, Temple of Doom was probably a little much for my younger son, but it was so nice to be together and watch a movie we all wanted to see. I mean, I really liked Despicable Me, but I wouldn’t have gone to see that on my own.

I don’t know how it happened that these days of just relaxing as a family are so rare. There’s sports, birthday parties, friends, and after school activities. It’s gotten to be crazy. I never thought we would be one of those over scheduled families but we definitely are.

But this weekend made me take a step back and see that my kids and my husband and I need a little downtime. A little time to just be together.