I was hacked!

I woke up early this morning excited about going to the Hispanicize conference in Hollywood. Then I checked my email.

Message after message said the same thing: “I think your email was hacked.” Someone (or a computer somewhere) sent out spam under my name with what I assume is a virus. I know this happens all the time and that’s what many of the emails said, but still. That’s never happened to me and I feel violated.

So this morning, instead of making my kids a nice breakfast, finishing work, and answering emails I was sending out messages on all my networks warning people not to open up any links or attachments from me. Then going and changing passwords on all of my online accounts after doing a thorough screen for viruses and malware.

How did this happen? I have my theories that include someone stealing my password while I was using the free wi-fi at the coffee shop. I hate the idea of a hacker hanging out, drinking coffee, and grabbing passwords as people sip their lattes.

There is one bright spot from this experience and that is getting to connect with some friends I haven’t heard from in years. The rest of it pretty much stinks.